Touchpoint: Borders & Boundaries

2017, Curator, Artist

Borders, which are commonly defined as lines separating (geographically, economically, politically, socially and culturally) distinct areas, are subject to both material and symbolic changes in the 21st century. Due to historical events, globalization and the pressing present-day problems, such as the migration crisis, the nature of borders is changeable, ambiguous and increasingly unpredictable.

The exhibition entitled Touchpoint: borders & boundaries presents works by artists from different parts of the world. They refer to the crossing of border: those purposely erected and defended, as well as the natural and thus usually unprotected barriers. In their works, the artists show various strategies of defining an independent, present-day subjective autonomy, established at the crossroads of divisions, a condition for which is to know oneself as a free being. There are many ways to cross borders, ranging from conscious isolation and self-exclusion, through pilgrimage, to the more or less literal establishment of private areas that can take the shape of imaginary islands or mobile homes on wheels.

The way to break free from the modern divisions that emerges from the narrative of the exhibition is, above all, the state of mind, which can be supported by exercises in creating utopian ideas proposed by the artists. The works and gestures at the crossroads of divisions have the power to cross the boundaries between the material and the ephemeral, between activity and passivity. The strategies revealed by the artists can lead to the creation of sensory spaces, which Hakim Bey called temporary autonomous zones, giving the example of so-called ‘pirate utopias’ as their historical prototypes.

Touchpoint: Borders & Boundaries was a Poznań Art Week exhibition in collaboration with ArtCanThe Municipal Galleries of the University of the Arts in Poznań (UAP), Rarytas Foundation and the City of Poznań.

ArtCan is a non-profit organisation that supports contemporary artists by exhibiting their works in vibrant and exciting locations. Through its programme, ArtCan promotes fair payment of artists. ArtCan’s ongoing objective is to create, promote, maintain and improve opportunities for contemporary artists without compromise to their artistic exploration and development.

  • Artists Mirella Bandini, Tomasz Jurek, Karol Kołodziejczyk, Jillian Knipe, Krzysztof Mętel, Witold Modrzejewski, Richard Morgan, Duy Phuong, Michał Tatarkiewicz, Teja Tegelj
  • Curators’ LAB Gallery ul. Nowowiejskiego 12, Poznań
  • Curators Tomasz Jurek, Katarzyna Kucharska
  • Arrangement Tomasz Jurek, Katarzyna Kucharska, Mateusz Słociński
  • Staff Witold Idkowski, Robert Kosmecki, Ireneusz Kozłowicz

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