(Visual culture in the context of public space)

Description of the completed research:
Creativity analysis of the artists who work in public space. Conducting workshops and creating a mental map of Plac Wolności in Poznań. Exhibition concept of graphics and visual messages making the viewer aware of the essence and necessity of maintaining and creating interpersonal relations. Mental map (imaginary map) - contains information about the spatial organization of phenomena.

Description of the work:
1. Research trips:
The most important element of my research turned out to be a trip to the city of Kassel (Germany) - a city which organizes artistic event 'documenta' from 1955. Documenta is crossing borders. The artist always leaves something, a place for interpretation. However, it more or less narrows the scope of interpretation so that it can be understood.

Analysis of the creativity of the following artists:
Thomas Hirschhorn, Barbara Kruger, Hans Haacke, Peter Kogler, Joseph Kosuth.

During my stay in Kassel and conducting research in documenta archiv, I participated in the exhibition and guided tour: Guided Tour to the exhibition "artist portraits by Heinz Günter Mebusch" and one lecture documenta 1968 - A hot summer? Lecture by Tim Pickartz from the cycle From the documenta archiv. I also had a conversation with Martin Groh from Scientific Research documenta archiv.

Taking a research trip to Bydgoszcz and Toruń (Poland). Analysis of the artists work during following exhibitions:
"Multitude in Unity" - Offset, serigraphy, digital techniques and intermedia activities in Polish graphics.
"Color in Graphics" - 9th International Treinnale of Graphics.

2. Conducting mental map workshops and analysis of results.
3. Preparation of graphic works for the exhibition.


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