2019, graphic installation

The practical part of my doctoral dissertation was a graphic installation. Using graphics as a technique of multiplying information I am striving to show a certain gap – “irregularity, mismatch, disproportion, different cognitive and emotional experience, which being a kind of subjectivization, constantly introduces anti-patterns of cultural patterns, creates a new space as opposed to the one to which we are accustomed”. The awareness of this gap and the possibility to fill it through interpreting messages are the core of my artistic activity. We should work on received interpretations in order to create an anti-frame that is consistent with our beliefs and values.

The purpose of the created space (graphic installation) was to provide the audience with experiences which engage imagination and creativity and allow for personal interpretations. Graphics (visual communication) is not only a fragment of an image superimposed in the space, it is a spatial organism which, with time, changes it not only physically but also imaginatively. Due to changing cultural factors the recipient makes a selection – the work’s values change depending on the context.

My exhibition ‘LUKA!’ (translated to English as, ‘GAP!’) was addressed the gaps found in art. In the space, words on the wall were synonyms of the word GAP - failure, error, lack, lack of perfection, defect, deficit, decompression, hole, distance, hollow, interval, cavity, empty space, weakness, worry, etc.

* Kurak Maciej (2019), “The 38th Edition of Maria Dokowicz Competition, Poznań”: University of the Arts Poznań and Authors.

  • Promoter dr hab. Maciej Kurak, prof. UAP
  • Dom Książki ul. Gwarna 13, Poznań

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