Framing (matrix)

2017, offset, 45x65cm

The overlapping matrix layers refer to my previous work 'Exercises'. Matrix is a way for storing, recording and reproducing information. The code of matrix stores information about a potential image, but like in nature, the reproduced image is marked with variability and modification. The overlapping matrix layers create new meanings.

‘The framing of the public mind is largely performed through processes that take place in the media. Communications research has identified three major processes involved in the relationship between media and people in the sending and receiving of news through which citizens perceive their selves in relation to the world: agenda setting, priming and framing.’ (p157). Of these, agenda setting allows the terms and boundaries of acceptable debate to be delineated, and framing is the way in which providing coverage which emphasises certain features of events promotes particular interpretations, evaluations or solutions. Castells argues here that ‘The critical issue is that frames are not external to the mind. Only those frames that are able to connect the message to pre-existing frames in the mind become activators of conduct… Frames are effective by finding resonance and increasing the magnitude of their repetition.’ (p158).*


  • Camden Image Gallery 174 Royal College Street, London NW1 0SP
  • What is The Point? ArtCan 2017 Annual Exhibition

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