Comfort Zone

2017, digital print

Borders, which are commonly defined as lines separating (geographically, economically, politically, socially and culturally) distinct areas, are subject to both material and symbolic changes in the 21st century. Due to historical events, globalization and the pressing present-day problems, such as the migration crisis, the nature of borders is changeable, ambiguous and increasingly unpredictable.

Comfort Zone is related to Bartosz Konopka's Oscar-nominated documentary Rabbit à la Berlin.

Touchpoint: Borders & Boundaries was a Poznań Art Week exhibition in collaboration with ArtCanThe Municipal Galleries of the University of the Arts in Poznań (UAP), Rarytas Foundation and the City of Poznań.

  • Curators’ LAB Gallery ul. Nowowiejskiego 12, Poznań
  • Curators Tomasz Jurek, Katarzyna Kucharska

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