Bed (Cooperative)

2017, object

In "bed" work, the aesthetic, seemingly ordinary form did not quite harmonise with the utility function of the object. The combination of brushes and the bed was a non-standard solution of limited usefulness. Nevertheless, in terms of appearance, the components formed a coherent and well-matched whole and attracted attention trough the unusual combination of ordinary objects.*

Assigning functions of usefulness to artistic activities is associated most of all with craftsmanship and the aesthetic form of imaging. Usability also serves political and social purposes, but it still retains all of its aesthetic values.

However, usability does not always have to be associated only with design. It is also the essence of countless creative activities which the society often perceives as useless or designed to fulfil basic human needs. In such cases, they may involve critical views which trigger changes in the way the society is organized and how it functions. 'Cooperative' is an artistic activity which disregards the creator’s identity, rather highlighting the event itself in order to stress the topic of the exhibition. It is yet another example of a ‘no-name’ exhibition. It highlights collectivism, maintains diversity, provokes a dialogue and eliminates competition.

* Kurak M. (2018), Poznań Art Week 2018, Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu, s. 73

Cooperative was a Poznań Art Week exhibition.

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